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Welcome to the Redemption Section of
World Gems Equity


We insist in a strong working relationship with all our clients and as such are able to offer them the opportunity to realize on their investment in a mumber of ways.

Collecting your Investment
We offer our clients the opportunity to take physical or literal ownership of their stock at any time with a minimum of notice.

Redeeming Your Stock
We offer our clients the opportunity to sell their stock at current market prices through their account should that be their wish. Their account will then be credited with the value of the sale and they will be able to withdraw any or all the funds in their account. We do however request confirmations of these intentions and a little warning.

Trading Your Stock in Hand
You may make decisions on market information to realize potential appreciation in value even as your stock might sit in a bank vault. A 'buy and hold'strategy has long been regarded as a key to successful wealth creation but in a changing marketplace certain items might appreciate rapidly while others somewhat more slowly. You may decide to take advantage of this by short term trading.

Invest for Diversification
Unlike property and shares, quality gems and jewelery  is largely insulated from the volatility of investment markets providing vital diversification when markets are falling. The gem market is considerably less volatile and is less sensitive to economic crises and geopolitical events than other assets. Compared to many alternative investments, gem investment also involves small transaction and holding costs.

The strength of gems as a wealth creating vehicle over a medium to long term can also make an excellent addition to self-managed super funds provided certain rules are followed.

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