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World Gems Importers

Jewels provide the world with a sensory experience like no other. To own a piece of this world is a dream, to view it a privilege and to earn a rate of return on it, a bonus. World Gems Importers has managed to combine all three.

World Gems Importers is dedicated to innovation in the gem market. We combine expertise in gems, gem education and an investment to guide and understand  the whole process of gem acquisition. Our client base spans investors, collectors, corporate gem buyers and first time gem purchasers seeking the finest quality gems.

World Gems Importers is in touch with the gem community throughout the world sourcing a diverse range of investment quality jewelry and gems of the highest quality at realistic prices. This requires extensive experience and a discerning eye. Our buyers are of the highest quality in terms of market experience. We track  precious and semiprecious jewel performances in the market place and auction rooms as part of our ongoing gem market research. We believe in education as a fundamental tool to inspire passion and confidence in our clients and empower them to make valued judgments.

As you come to appreciate the World Gems Importers difference you will see we provide much more to our clients than a basic share portfolio investment.

Clients: At World Gems Importers we carefully select our clients and ask all to complete an on-line confidential questionnaire. We are not a vehicle for money laundering nor are we an occasional international offshore banking facility. We try to abide by the laws of all reputable countries in regard to foreign investments.


  • Dedicated Account Executives

A World Gems Importers dedicated account executive will give you obligation free advice. Supported by our experience, research and expertise they will help you find the gem that inspires and meets your investment goals.

  • Gem Portfolios

As you acquire more gems, you may want to consider including a variety of stones with a range of prices in your collection. By building an gem portfolio that's not only pleasing to your taste it can also optimize investment potential.

We also provide the opportunity for a group of Gem investors to create a shared portfolio, enabling greater diversity and further increasing potential for returns.

  • Education

We believe the way to secure significant returns is through market education. This is demonstrated throughout the year with our newsletters.

  • Independent Valuations

World Gems Importers uses an independent licensed gemologist/valuer to provide valuation certificates on all gems. These certificates are important for the resale of your gems and are necessary in securing your investment for insurance and superannuation purposes.

  • Gem Insight

All clients receive World Gems Importers's monthly Chanthaburi gem market report  World Gem Insight. World Gem Insight reports on market developments and trends, media views and key gem performances.

  • World Gems Importers's On-Line Gallery

All purchased gems are photographed and the World Gems Importers Gallery offers a central base to view gems. We also offer a contact number for one-on-one discussions with an World Gems Importers consultant. We welcome your participation at our site.

  • Market Opportunities

Our relationship with geologists gem traders in Chanthaburi enables us to provide you with newly cut jewels well ahead of the market. We also commission works from jewelers on request. We offer a range of gemstone types, cuts and styles to suit the various tastes of our clients.

  • Financial Advisors

World Gems Importers partners with investment planning and superannuation groups to provide their clients with strategies for growth and income in the gem market.

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